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Message to Mankind

On June 21st. 2016, at 3:30 p.m. (CET) an historical announcement was made to mankind by peace-loving extraterrestrial civilizations.
With this announcement a new era has begun in human history.
Mankind sets out to become part of the cosmic society that lives in peace and harmony!
Starting on this day, the extraterrestrial civilizations offer every single person to get in touch with them.


“As we reclaim our sovereignty and accept responsibility to evolve into the New Human, we have the extraordinary opportunity to earn a sacred place in the cosmos and meet our star neighbors.”

Marilyn Gewecke, author The Oneness of Being


Real World Experiences
Time & Efforts Well Invested
John GlissJohn GlissAerospace Engineer
"After the telepathic symposium I began receiving scientific data that were mind boggling!"

"Telepathic training opened me to explore again!"

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